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Search-tec provides website optimization services and SEO to biotech, life science and high tech Companies that want to leverage the value of their existing Internet assets as well as strategically extend their online presence. Orient yourself to biotech SEO on this site with an overview to the challenges biotech companies endure in the online world and how to solve them through SEO techniques specifically for biotech and medicine (see below).

What We Do

Services we provide include:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Website Optimization
  • Website Management
  • Website Analytics
  • Vendor Selection/RFP Creation
  • Technology Implementation
  • Life Science News Feeds
  • Twitter Feeds

ROI for SEO Result: 14.4:1

Search-tec created a 14.4:1 Marketing Return on Investment (mROI) for one of our biotech SEO clients in this case study. So for every marketing dollar spent on SEO with Search-tec, our client received $14.40 in measurable value!

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In Depth: Biotech SEO

Whether trying to raise capital, find the right talent or sell products online, most biotech, biotechnology and life science companies own and operate a website. For many of these biotech companies, that’s where the digital marketing ends — but in fact that’s where they should begin. Biotech SEO is an under appreciated discipline.

When a digital agency turns over the keys to your shiny new website — that’s when the adventure begins. After training the internal team on how to update the pages on the site, you’ll be ready for the traffic and business to start rolling in… or will you be? That’s where optimizing your website for search engines (and for biotech and life sciences that pretty much means Google for SEO) become paramount.

Beyond creating great content for your website in the first place, you must provide stewardship to that content so that Google can properly understand, analyze and most importantly rank your content for appropriate search queries. Most biotech, biomedical and life science companies leave this huge SEO opportunity unexplored.

VEGF or Real Estate: Biotech SEO

Even the most basic search engine optimization techniques can help these websites tremendously. At least 1/2 of the life science companies from a list of nearly 100 I was given had the exact same HTML Title tag keyword on their home page. It didn’t matter if were selling murine VEGF Knockouts, the next blockbuster drug or lab equipment — they all described themselves to Google in the same manner. You might think they used the word ‘biotech’, ‘biotechnology’ or ‘Science’ to describe themselves on the home page. Nope, they told Google by way of their SEO tags that they were about ‘Home’. By having that word in the the #1 most important spot for search engines, these sites have no presence on search engines, and thus, no rankings. That’s where Biotech SEO comes in…

Public Companies: Biotech SEO


20% of Public Biotech Companies sampled from the NASDAQ biotechnology index have ‘Home’ in their HTML Title.

There’s all sorts of issues that plague modern day life science, medical and biotech companies with regard to their performance in search engines.  It has to do with not prioritizing search engine optimizing (SEO) for their biotech website.  Versus their competitor who has already done the work, they are potentially not even competing for the business online.  That is easily solved by contacting to get your biotech SEO program underway!

Biotech SEO Case Study


Like many b-to-b biotech companies, research instruments maker Caliper uses PPC as part of its biotech SEO strategy. They use pay-per-click search marketing in addition to search engine optimization (SEO) as part of the strategy to reach biotech buyers.

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Life sciences vendor sends searchers to site, captures leads, increases conversions with biotech optimization (SEO) techniques.